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When planning your trip, consult any of the popular sites about travelling to get to our village.

Our village is less than 2 km away from a brand new freeway, the A13. If you’re traveling on it, take the exit number 24 to the IC8, direction Castelo Branco.
If you are on national roads, please take IC8, an highway that crosses horizontally the country.
Regardless how you are coming, you must get out at “Aguda, Fato” exit. After 200 meters, turn left, where you can already see the traffic signs pointing to Casal de São Simão. If you don’t miss the next sign 1 km ahead (be carefull with the road and don’t fall into the cliff), you’ll be at the end of the journey within a minute. Park the car in front of the restaurant. Welcome, enjoy the place!