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img_3124 It is worth visiting any time of year but we think this beach is at its most beautiful in autumn and winter. Surely the water is less inviting for a swim but the chestnut trees are at their best with their brown and yellow leaves, and dozens of hedgehogs and nuts of various sizes are hidden throughout the thick blanket of leaves on the ground.

dscn2975Be aware that this quiet beach has been awarded the ‘Blue Flag’ distinction in 2014 indicating you can enjoy a swim in the clear and certifiably pure water.
In the second half of July and throughout the month of August, a kiosk of the Library Board of Penela’s municipality will be open from thursday to Sunday, in the afternoon. In addition to books on various themes and genres, you can also read newspapers, magazines and request games for your enjoyment.
The local restaurant is open in July and August.