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RNT Nº 86949/AL

The Route to Pedra Ferida


If you are tired of driving on highways, motorways and fast paced roads we recommend a scenic ride along a (paved) mountain road. Drive carefully, there are often wild boars darting onto the road.
From Casal, pass the Chapel on your right, turn left at the first crossing and just go ahead in the next crossing toward Fato. Proceed 1km and then turn right, passing a small tunnel and then straight on for about 4 kilometers in the green forests of the mountain.

Pass through Abrunheira and at Cercal turn left towards Ferrarias de S. João. When you get to the Chapel and the Mountain Bike Center turn left and proceed downhill towards highway IC3. At the main road turn right towards Coimbra and at the roundabout exit to Espinhal (1st exit). Where you are going is well marked, just follow the arrows that will lead you to the Pedra Ferida (Wounded Stone). If you get lost, ask anyone along the way. As you leave the village be sure to appreciate the magnificent oak in the middle of the road that local authorities wisely left intact to the delight of all passing by. As always, proceed with caution and pay attention to the signs- the last section of the road (about 1 km.) is a dirt road but in good condition. Park on a broad section of the road and get ready to stretch your legs!

Follow along the very beautiful path marked by the sound of the singing water and enchanted light illuminating the ruins of old abandoned mills. Leafy vegetation abounds and for the more attentive ones there are many species of mushrooms, darting dragonflies and a hidden bustling life in the forest to be discovered. Climbing up the gentle ascent you will arrive at and be charmed by the Pedra Ferida (the Wounded Stone) and the waterfall which descends 32 meters from top to bottom. Ribeira da Azenha (Watermill creek) is the source of this beautiful sight. Stay and rest there for a while enjoying all of the sights and sounds before beginning your descent and returning to your car. In the summer adventurous visitors will want to have a swim in the pool at the base of the falls – in winter, be sure to wear boots to fend off the mud.
When you are ready to head home take IC3, then IC8 towards Figueiró dos Vinhos and take exit to Aguda/Fato.