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RNT Nº 86949/AL

Once you here, everything can be done, depending on your mood and imagination.
Remember you’re in a village lost in the mountain, so, take always your camera and comfortable clothes and shoes.
Take the most of it, watch the old trees, the birds, the flowers, breath pure air but leave everything as you’ve found. Watch them carefully, take so many photos you want but don’t pick plants or catch wild animals; there aren’t so much left and, next time you come, we assure you will meet them again. Just bring what’s left from your picnic with you.

If you’re tired of riding in a car, go to the stream.

At least in summer, it’s compulsory to have a refreshing swim in the river beaches.

And you’re so close to Coimbra!






Praia fluvial

In time, we will add more suggestions.
Anyway, if you enjoyed a particular track or activity you’ve done, let us know and we’ll be glad to include it here.

If you haven’t still made up your mind or want a piece of advice from who knows by heart this place, contact Go Outdoor, a company run by a couple who already lived at Casal. Sure they can help you!